Rental House Rules

Rental House Rules

Vacaton Rental Policy at La Biznaga Homes / Management SL

By making a reservation you are entering into a rental contract with La Biznaga Homes / Management SL, and therefore agree to and are bound by La Biznaga Homes / Management Conditions.

Payment :

25% of your total reservation amount is due within 12h after booking the property online. The remaining amount is due 50 days prior to your check-in date. If you have a credit card on file it will be charged automatically unless other payment arrangements are made. Please review your reservation and make sure all the information, including check-in and check-out dates, are correct.

We will charge a refundable security deposit after booking. It is not included in the total amount at the time of booking the property. It will be returned to your card after departure.

We accept Credit Card, Bank Transfers and paypal ; however the first payment of 25%, always needs to be paid with Credit Card.  We do NOT accept AMERICAN EXPRESS.

You consent to the use of the credit card provided without an original signature on the charge slip that an email of this agreement will serve as an original and that this Credit Card Authorization cannot be revoked and will not terminate until 90 days after the rental is vacated. Additional charges may include damages beyond normal wear and tear and unreturned keys.

* When applicable, the electric meter will be read on the day of check-in and again on the day of check-out. The electricity consumption will be charged to the credit card on file.. When staying for over a month, electricity consumption will be charged every month.

Cancellation :

Cancellations need to be made in writing. There is a 25% cancellation fee (the amount paid at the time of the booking) for any cancellation notification received more than 50 days prior to your check-in date. There are no refunds if the reservation is canceled less than 50 days prior to the arrival date.

This cancellation policy also applies to shorten your stay.

Bank fees and charges arising from payments are payable by the tenant. Processing fee on Credit Card 3 %.

Travel Insurance:

To prevent loss of rental payments we strongly recommend purchasing the Travel Insurance if concerned about possible interruption or cancellation of the trip. Travel Insurance payment is taken at the time the reservation is processed.  It is automatically calculated and added to your rental rate upon booking. The plan is optional but we strongly recommend it. In case of any unforeseen events, this insurance helps protect your vacation investment.

In the unlikely event, should the rental property be unavailable during the specified time due to unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to, so-called Acts of God, the Agent will try to provide a property of comparable quality and utility, which then becomes the property subject to this agreement, unless Guest requests a return of paid funds which in effect renders this agreement null and void for all parties.

Owner and/or agent will not be held liable for any monetary damages above the refunded amount. Breakdown of premises equipment, i.e. air-conditioning, heat, appliances, pool heater, etc. does not constitute grounds for any guest refund, so long as Owner and/or agent make repairs as soon as possible.

Property use :

The rental period begins at4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and terminates at 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure unless prior arrangements have been made. The properties are professionally cleaned and inspected before and after each rental to ensure that all guests have a clean comfortable stay.

Guest may use the property strictly as a private vacation residence only. No part of the property may be used for any kind of trade or business purposes by neither the Guest, nor family members, nor other guests.

Guest must inspect Property within 24 hours after arrival and contact the Agent to communicate any pre-existing damages or file an objection or complaint. Should Guest fail to do so, Agent will not be obligated to honor Guest` s complaint at a later time. On the day of departure, Guest must vacate the property and return it in proper condition to Agent.

Guest must use all appliances (refrigerator, TV, washer, dryer,), etc. and other technical installations of Property with proper care and diligence. Should an appliance or technical installation work improperly, or be inoperable, Guest must immediately inform Agent about this matter. Improper use of appliances and/or damages to these will be charged to the Guest.

Guest confirms and understands that Property may not and will not be used for any kind of drug dealing activity, drug use, and consumption, money laundering operations, organized crime or any illegal activity whatsoever.

Guest is obligated to keep the Property secure. At the time of arrival, Agent will meet with Guest and explain all locks and security installations and proper use; all damages resulting from carelessness or misuse will be charged to the Guest.

Pets are not welcome unless Agent has approved them in advance and in writing. Smoking inside of the Property is always prohibited. Should Guest violate either rule, Guest will be liable for any and all damages that may have been caused by such action.

* During the rental period, Agent reserves the right to enter the Property.


Guest is aware and understands that neither Agent nor Owner is responsible or liable for any of Guest´s personal property present on premises of the property. Guest agrees to hold Agent and Owner harmless from any and all liability claims related to any injury or death while on the property. Guest accepts all risks related to, but not limited to, swimming pools, whirlpools, canals, seawalls, docks, or bicycles which may be on the property.


Without prior approval in writing by Agent, Guest is neither allowed to transfer, nor to assign this agreement.

Additional Rules and Regulations :

By law, occupancy may not exceed what is agreed upon in the rental agreement, including infants and children. If so, Owner and/or Agent reserve the right to terminate this rental agreement with no refund due, and guest must vacate the premises immediately.

If violating any federal state or local laws and/or ordinances by guests, at any time, while on the premises, the Owner and/or Agent reserve the right to terminate this rental agreement with no refund due, and guest must vacate the premises immediately.

Construction :

New construction, as well as local work done by the city, may occur during your stay. Rental Agent makes no representations or warranties as to the future status of construction projects that may impact Guests during their occupancy of the Property.

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